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Personal Financial Advocate

A personal financial advocate is your support and guidance through the twists and turns of your life. We help you with your personal financial solutions. Your personal financial advocate can help you to work through your unexpected credit difficulties, helping you with your creditors, and help you to structure a workable living expense budget for yourself.

Today, with the paperwork and red tape that some individuals have to go through to get assistance, and the bureaucracy that can take time to process applications and filings, can cause you much stress and confusion.

For some, financial institutions and creditors seem to speak another language.

Non-medical organizations can do financial advocacy for healthcare clients. Our professionals have familiarity with health insurance, medical, financial assistance programs, lending products, billing and accounting processes, government programs, and real estate. We are fulltime members of the social services team in Arizona. We are responsible for coordinating and facilitating payments and services.
Many individuals have fears about being removed from a particular program for economic reasons or for shrinking budgets that produce restrictions on eligibility.

For some individuals managing financial obligations and their medical treatment regimens at the same time cause them to become overwhelmed and they may miss appointments and miss opportunities for financial assistance.

Other individuals will fall out of the application process because of the complexity of the Medicaid and other insurance systems.

We find that some individuals with chemical dependencies or mental illnesses have acute difficulty with paperwork management. Our personal financial advocacy staff works diligently with these individuals to ensure follow through. The outcome is usually positive: the individuals receive the medical care and prescriptions needed and the anxiety related to their ability to pay is greatly alleviated.